Dry Spell Series
    Trident has successfully launched Dryspell series dryers in Indian and overseas market. The product has proven its guaranteed warranty and reliability. The dryers are economical and maintenance free in comparable to Refrigeration dryers in its range.

    Designed and tested to provide 100% clean dry oil free compressed air. The dryspell is a compact dryer with valves, piping built into the manifold. The dryers are suitable for point of use and available for 10, 20, 30, 45, 60, 90 scfm. The dryer is very economical as it is manufactured in large quantities.


              The dryer has a built in microprocessor which controls the shuttle valve. The dryer comes with a pre filter, which has a borosilicate glass fibber element. The pre filter drain valve is timer based activated by the controller.

    Salient Features

     Manifold construction.
     Shuttle valve for low pressure drop.
     Microprocessor based controller.
     Pre filter with borosilicate glass element.


     Paint shop
     Hand Tools 
     CNC Machines 
     Automobile Garage
     Dental Equipments


    Model End Connection(BSP-F) Flow rate 
    Size (mm) 
    H x W x D
    Weight (kg)
    Dryspell 10 1/2" 10 520x250x200 12
    Dryspell 20 1/2" 20 615x320x260 24
    Dryspell 30 1/2" 30 785x320x260 28
    Dryspell 45 1/2" 45 1035x320x260 33
    Dryspell 60 1" 60 785 x 320 x 390 440
    Dryspell 90 1" 90 1035 x 320 x 390 550

    Inlet condition as per ISO 7183 class B :
    Pressure : 7 Kg / cm2(g) Max, Design inlet temperature: 380 C, Max fluid Temperature :70c

    Ordering Method

            Example : Dryspell 30 is suitable for 30 scfm with inlet pressure 7Kg / cm2(g) and temperature 38c.