Edwards India Pvt. Ltd.

Edwards is a leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated vacuum products, abatement solutions and related value-added services. Our products are integral to manufacturing processes for semiconductors, flat panel displays, LEDs and solar cells; are used within an increasingly diverse range of industrial processes including power, glass and other coating applications, steel and other metallurgy, pharmaceutical and chemical; and for both scientific instruments and a wide range of R&D applications.

  1. Chemical & Process Vacuum Pumps
  2. Industrial Dry Vacuum Pumps
  3. Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps
  4. Oil Sealed Rotary Vacuum Pumps
  5. Semi Conductor Dry Vacuum Pumps
  6. Turbomolecular Vacuum Pumps
  7. Vacuum Valves
  8. Mechanical Boosters
  9. Vacuum Fittings

1. Chemical & Process Vacuum Pumps

A.  CDX Dry Vacuum Pumps

The Edwards CDX dry pumps use the latest screw technology to provide a clean, effluent free vacuum specifically for the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. These pumps offer the ability to handle large volumes of dust and water vapor without any loss of performance while minimizing maintenance requirements and running costs. The CDX dry pumps are capable of continually operating from atmosphere to ultimate and offer excellent temperature control with indirect cooling fitted as standard.

B. CXS Dry Vacuum Pumps

CXS is Edwards most advanced chemical dry pump featuring new tapered-screw technology for exceptional energy efficiency and performance. CXS offers high reliability and effluent-free pumping even in the most difficult of harsh chemical and pharmaceutical processing applications. Featuring corrosion free operation and robust liquid and solids handling, the CXS is capable of continuously pumping up to one liter of liquid per minute continuously or up to 25 liter-slugs without stopping, and provides an ultimate vacuum down t 10-2 mbar. CXS is available in two sizes, with capacities of 160 m3h-1 and 250 m3h-1.

C. EDP Dry Vacuum Pumps

EDP pumps are based on Edwards’ oil-free, non-contacting, award-winning, reverse claw mechanism. They provide consistent vacuum at high efficiencies, low costs of ownership and are designed to meet the highest safety and performance standards. We offer a range of four pumps with 80-400 m3h-1 capacity, and ultimate vacuums of less than 1 mbar.

2. Industrial Dry Vacuum Pumps

A. EDC Dry Claw Vacuum Pumps

The new range of our EDC dry claw pumps features an innovative design which creates a new benchmark in the claw pump market. The simplicity, robustness, efficiency and contaminant handling capability of these pumps make them the smart choice for your application. Built to the exacting standards and quality demanded by our customers, the new dry claw pump provides you with a trouble-free and cost-effective solution to meet your needs. Innovative construction materials and coatings for a lifetime of reliable operation even in harsh conditions.

B. GXS Dry Vacuum Pumps

Our new GXS dry pumps take vacuum performance to the next level. With unique screw technology and world leading high efficiency drives, enabling advanced temperature control and long service intervals, you are guaranteed best-in-class pumping speeds and low running costs for many years to come. Be assured, Edwards compact and highly intelligent GXS range of pumps and combinations are our most robust and economical vacuum pumps for industrial applications.

C. IDX Dry Vacuum pumps

The Edwards IDX dry pumps use the latest screw technology to provide a clean, effluent free vacuum. These pumps offer the ability to handle large volumes of dust and water vapor without any loss of performance while minimizing maintenance requirements and running costs. The IDX dry pumps are capable of continually operating from atmosphere to ultimate.

3. Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

The Edwards two stage liquid ring vacuum pumps provide the optimum solution for many rough vacuum applications in the chemical and allied process industries. Two stage liquid ring pumps are an efficient solution for continuous operation on low pressures. Two stage pumps can handle wet corrosive process streams and are tolerant of particulates while offering minimal maintenance requirements, vibration and noise.

4. Oil Sealed Rotary Vacuum Pumps

A. EM Vacuum Pumps – Medium & Large

EM Series pumps are rugged mechanical oil-sealed pumps with speeds ranging from 0.7 to 275 m3/hr (30 to 206 CFM). Compact and quiet, they feature advanced lubrication circuits, high reliability, and accessories to suit specific application needs.

B. EM Vacuum Pumps – Small

EM Series pumps are rugged, mechanical oil-sealed pumps with speeds ranging from 0.7 to 28 m3/hr depending on model size and stage. Compact and quiet, they feature advanced lubrication circuits, high reliability, and accessories to suit your specific application needs.

C. EOSi Rotary Screw Vacuum Pumps

Edwards EOSi range is a new generation range of quiet, oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pumps with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology and intelligent control, the EOSi range delivers impressive on demand performance capability and optimizes energy consumption.

D. ES Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

The Edwards ES range of pumps represents a significant advancement in single stage oil sealed rotary vane pumps.

  • Enhanced performance: Class-Leading Ultimate Vacuum Level & Extended Operating Pressure Range
  • Stability: Stable Vacuum Performance, with No Pressure Fluctuations
  • Convenience: Combined ISO/BSP Connection, Easily Serviceable on Site
  • Flexibility: Use Individually or with Mechanical Booster Pumps, for a Wide Range of Applications
E. Microvac Piston Vacuum Pumps

For maximum performance and reliability, Stokes Microvac sets the standard as the industry most efficient rotary piston pump, with minimal maintenance and process downtime.

The Stokes Microvac has stood the test of time to be the most efficient and reliable rotary piston pump. Now improved, upgraded and fine-tuned, the new ‘J’ series promises to deliver optimal performance with minimal maintenance and low operating costs.

F. RV Two Stage Vacuum Pumps

The RV series of rotary vane pumps are the result of more than 75 years’ experience and a clean sheet design programme to produce the ultimate range of small oil sealed rotary vane pumps.

G. Acoustic Enclosures

Edwards’ acoustic enclosures are the ideal noise reduction solution for use in a laboratory or an industrial environment. The specially designed soundproof enclosures are made of materials with high noise absorption, reducing vacuum pump noise by up to 9 dB(A), with no impact on vacuum pump efficiency.

5. Semi Conductor Dry Vacuum Pumps

A. EPX Dry Vacuum Pumps

The EPX Series supports clean and light duty semiconductor processing applications such as ash/strip and implant end station applications.

B. GX Dry Vacuum Pumps

The Edwards GX Dry Vacuum Pump sets new standards for zero maintenance between major overhauls. Improved efficiency lowers the cost of ownership and provides continuous pumping duty throughout the pressure range. GX dry pumps include Ethernet connectivity allowing key data to be viewed via web pages, as well as a comprehensive set of networking options to assure continuous pump availability.

C. iGX Dry Vacuum Pumps

The iGX dry vacuum pump series sets new standards for the modern dry pump with zero maintenance between overhauls; this has led to it being one of the world’s most popular dry pumps with over 20,000 units installed in most leading 300mm fabs. iGX range includes both MicroTIM tool interfacing and Ethernet connectivity allowing key data to be viewed via web pages, as well as a comprehensive set of networking options, to assure continuous pump availability.

D. iH Dry Vacuum Pumps

Our iH Dry Vacuum Pumps offer a highly reliable, low cost pump for difficult processes where particulate, condensable or corrosive by-products are present. The iH Series has a five stage base pump with an innovative cantilever rotor, claw and roots design which improves dust handling and reduces exhaust noise. In addition, iH series pumps are fitted with a single stage mechanical booster pump and totally enclosed water cooled motors.

E. iXH Dry Vacuum Pumps

The iXH family of dry pump products is an evolution of Edwards’ market-leading iH products and sets new standards for harsh process capability delivering low cost of ownership through process reliability in many of the worlds 300mm semiconductor and flat panel fabs.

F. iXL Dry Vacuum Pumps

The iXL family of dry pumps cover the entire range of pump-down requirements encountered in the flat panel display (FPD), semiconductor and solar manufacturing market sectors.

6. Turbomolecular Vacuum Pumps

A. nEXT Turbo Vacuum Pumps

It’s small, it’s intelligent and performance will exceed your expectations. The nEXT85 turbomolecular pump is our latest addition to the Edwards product portfolio, and set to be a real winner across the R&D, High Energy Physics and Analytical Instrument sectors.

B. STP Turbo Vacuum Pumps

For a consistent, reliable performance and zero maintenance, you can rely on Edwards STP Maglev Turbomolecular Pumps to deliver every time. Our first STP Maglev Turbomolecular Pumps were sold in 1983, we now have over 130,000 installations worldwide. 85% are operating on semiconductor process tools, where they demonstrate exceptional levels of performance and reliability.

C. TS85 Pumping Stations

The T-Station 85 turbo molecular pumping station seamlessly combines an nEXT85H turbomolecular pump with either a dry diaphragm pump or oil sealed backing pump and a simple controller, providing pumping speeds of 47 l/s to 84 l/s-1.

D. Turbo Pumping Stations

Edwards range of nEXT turbo molecular pumping stations has been developed to provide a comprehensive vacuum solution with the latest technological advances for easy installation and operation.

7. Vacuum Valves

A. Speedivalves

The Edwards SP Speedivalves with fluoroelastomer or nitrile diaphragms are sealed in-line isolation valves which utilize a diaphragm and seat arrangement to provide a rugged, dirty system tolerant valve. They feature position indicators and are suitable for pipeline mounting only.

B. Ball Valves

The Edwards IBV Ball Valves combine practical everyday features plus ease of use and economy in a high specification design. These rugged valves are manufactured in 316L stainless steel and have a full bore design making them ideal for a wide variety of vacuum applications.

C. PVMK Manual Operation Isolation Valves

The Edwards PVMK valves are fast acting, lever operated right-angled isolation valves featuring bellows and O-ring sealing to provide a grease free vacuum. Available in either aluminum or stainless steel construction, they provide a low cost, reliable isolation solution.

D. PVPK Pneumatic Operation Isolation Valves

The Edwards PVPK valves are fast acting, pneumatically operated right-angled isolation valves featuring bellows and O-ring sealing to provide a grease free vacuum. With visual and electrical indication of valve status and an option of aluminum or stainless steel construction, they provide a low cost valve which is ideal for high cycling duties.

E. PVEK Solenoid Operation Isolation Valves

The Edwards PVEK valves are compact and lightweight solenoid operated right-angled isolation valves featuring bellows and O-ring sealing to provide a grease free vacuum. Available in either aluminum or stainless steel construction, they provide a low cost, reliable isolation solution.

F. Backing / Roughing Valves

The Edwards BRV valves are manually or pneumatically actuated backing/roughing valves. They combine the function of separate backing/roughing valves into one integral 3 port unit. Featuring various control and indication features, they provide a low cost, reliable and easy to operate valve.

G. Soft-Start Valves

The Edwards SIPVP valves are pneumatically operated, soft start valves with interchangeable orifices for the controlled pumpdown of processes where turbulent flow can cause problems with particulate contamination.

H. BGV Stainless Steel Gate Valves

The BGV Basement Gate Valves have been specially designed with a simple and innovative wedge sealing system that eliminates the complex mechanism of traditional gate valves. The benefit means no oil, grease or moving parts within the vacuum, thereby reducing the risk of the mechanism being damaged by contamination in dusty processes.

I. CF Gate Valves

The Edwards range of CF flanged Gate Valves are available in a number of construction and sealing combinations offering excellent overall leak tightness and vacuum integrity with maximum conductance. They feature pneumatic or manual actuation and various methods of control and indication in addition to a bakeable design.

J. Butterfly Valves

The Edwards QSB Quarter Swing Butterfly valves are a compact, quick acting, high conductance isolation valve. Featuring stainless steel construction, O-ring sealing and pneumatic or manual actuation.

K. Air Admit and Needle Valves

The Edwards range of air admittance valves are available in three designs to suit a variety of applications. Ranging from simple screw plunger designs to solenoid operated valves, these panel or pipeline mounted valves are an ideal way to admit gas to your vacuum system. In addition to air admittance valves, Edwards also offer panel or pipeline mounted needle valves for the fine control of gas bleeds into your vacuum system.

L. Electro-pneumatic Control Valves

The Edwards Electro-pneumatic Control Valves can be used to control the operation of pneumatically activated vacuum valves. Control valves are available in 3-port or 5-port versions with different supply voltages and frequencies to suit your application.

M. ISO Gate Valves

The Edwards range of ISO flanged Gate Valves are available in a number of construction and sealing combinations offering excellent overall leak tightness and vacuum integrity with maximum conductance. They feature pneumatic or manual actuation and various methods of control and indication.

8. Mechanical Boosters

A. EH Mechanical Boosters Vacuum Pumps

The Edwards EH mechanical booster pumps feature a unique hydrokinetic drive which provides efficient power transmission with benefits in economy, performance and compactness. These booster pumps are suitable for use with high differential pressures which allow the booster pump to be started at the same time as the backing pump, reducing total pump down times.

B. HV Boosters Vacuum Pumps

The HV mechanical booster pumps combine Edwards’ expertise in manufacturing and distribution of complete industrial vacuum systems with Dresser’s world-renowned Roots pump technology. When backed by a Drystar or EH mechanical booster, HV pumps provide totally oil-free high-capacity pumping and operate reliably for long periods without maintenance.

C. pXH Mechanical Boosters Vacuum Pumps

The pXH pumps represent the new generation of large mechanical boosters providing high pumping capacity with reduced footprint. Available in sizes from 6965 to 8358 m3/h displacement, are packaged as separate pumps with inverter driven controls. Designed to withstand harsh processes, they have a field proven reliability from the large installed base.

D. Stokes 6” Boosters Vacuum Pumps

Stokes 6” series mechanical boosters are designed to be used in conjunction with rotary piston, dry vacuum, rotary vane, liquid ring, or on the inlet of the backing pump to create a compact integrated package. When coupled with one of the aforementioned pumps, the Stokes 6″ mechanical boosters increase pumping speed at working pressures and significantly reduce pump down time.

9. Vacuum Fittings : Choose a Flange Type


NW fittings are the industry standard for vacuum components in the low and medium vacuum range and can be found on a variety of equipment.


ISO fittings are joined by a centering ring and an elastomer o-ring.


CF fittings use a copper gasket and knife-edge flange to achieve an ultrahigh vacuum seal.