Transformer Oil Filtration Machines

Fowler Westrup (India) Private Limited is a joint venture between the companies – John Fowler (India) Limited, Westrup A/s, Denmark and Industrialization Fund for Developing Countries, Denmark, for the manufacture and supply of Transformer Oil Conditioning Machines and Seed Processing Machines.

NIRMAL FILTER (NF) Division manufactures Oil Conditioning Machines for Transformer Oil, Capacitor Oil, Silicone Fluids, Test Beds fornirmalbg-fw Convertors and Valve Sets for Locomotive Applications. For decades, NIRMAL has served the Indian Industry as well as industries in various countries across the globe. Periodic maintenance of transformers by Nirmal Machines ensures quality power to households and industries alike. True to its name NIRMAL has been synonymous with providing total custom solutions.

Benefits of Conditioned Oil

All high capacity transformers in use today have to cope with voltages in excess of 400kV. Therefore, it becomes imperative to maintain optimal insulation properties of the transformer oils by rigid control over moisture, dissolved gas and particulate contamination. Otherwise, there is a considerable decrease in its BREAK DOWN VOLTAGE, INSULATION RESISTANCE, and increase in DIELECTRIC LOSS FACTOR. Conditioning saves the cost of using new oil frequently and also increases the life of the transformer. Even commercial oil is seldom sufficiently pure for direct use in high voltage, equipment, being subject to contamination in Transport Containers and liable to absorb unacceptable contaminants and moisture.

voltageFowler Westrup (India) Private Limited takes pride in its ability to provide equipment specifically designed to meet customer requirements and specifications at a reasonable cost, Advanced designing models permit economical and rapid custom system development, ensuring customer satisfaction and smooth integration processes.

Models Available

Fowler Westrup (India) Private Limited offers a complete range of models to meet demanding

Medium High Vaccum  –  JMHV Model
High Vaccum    –  JHV Model
Ultra High Vaccum –   JHVR Model

With flow capacities ranging from 200 to 12000 litres per hour (LPH)

The above models are available in both single & multi-stage degassing chambers. Multi-stage models find applications in Power Transformers and forms a sizeable population Flow capacities in excess of 3000 LPH employ standard multi-stage conditioning systems (in the case of High Vacuum and Ultra-high Vacuum models).

The above models can be configured in a variety of options:

♦  Skid Mounted
♦  Mobile – trolley mounted
♦  Mobile – truck mounted
♦  Process units for special applications

Key Features

♦  User Friendly
♦  Economical Pricing I Performance Ratio
♦  Easily Replaceable Non-Hygroscopic Filter Cartridges – 1 Micron (nominal)
♦  Efficient Level Control and Temperature Control Systems
♦  Optimised Degassing System
♦  Minimal Maintenance
♦  Fail Safe Interlocking System

Salient Standard Features

Fail-safe mechanical non-return valves at inlet and outlet of the degassing chamber to prevent flooding of the unit in the event of power failure.

♦  Optical level monitor controls the oil and foam level in the degassing chamber
♦  3 piece valves with teflon seating and stainless steel balls
♦  Slim seal butterfly valves with nylon coated disc
♦  Accurate vaccum guages
♦  The oil and vacuum connections are in the form of flanged joints with ‘0’ Rings, ensuring full sealing efficiency at all times and thus minimal maintenance requirements

The above components used are of reputed, internationally acceptable makes. This insures high performance output of the machines.

Customer Service

♦  Installation
♦  Commissioning
♦  Complete Turnkey Applications
♦  Spare Parts
♦  Service And Maintenance Schemes
♦  Technical Support Network

Product Options

(1)  Transformer Evacuation System
(2)  Hot Oil Circulation / On-site Drying
(3)  Filters Press, Ionic Reaction Column
(4)  Flowmeter
(5)  Gas & Moisture Measuring Instruments – JVZ 210 Model
(6)  Condensors
(7)  Audio / Visual Annunciation


♦  Available in filter paper pack and filter cartridge models
♦  Available in four capacities 225,600,1200 and 2400 LPH
♦  Mounting options like mobile, semi-mobile (with castor wheel) and skid
♦  Improves dielectric strength of the Transformer oil from 20kV to 50 kV & above
♦  Major pipe connections are made of wire braided hoses
♦  Ball valves with SS balls and Teflon seatings
♦  Rugged construction, resulting in long years of service

All of the above features are backed up by excellent after-sales service provided by Fowler Westrup’s widely spread dealer network and ready availability of spares.


♦  Centralised control panel (Fuseless panel using MCCBs, MCBs, MPCBs)
♦  Imported filter cartridges (for cartridge models)
♦  Pair of good quality wire braided 1OOR 1 hoses, 10 metres long with end fittings
♦  Powder coated outer panels and internal parts spray painted with PU paint
♦  Temperature gauge, vacuum gauge, compound gauge . Safety relief valves