The Potain Values
  • High Quality Steel
  • Sophisticated Design
  • Modern Technology
  • Rigorous Testing
  • Quality Manufacturing
  • Extreme Quality Check
  • Customization
  • Network & Services
  • Highest Resale Value
  • High Residual Value
  • Safety, Productivity, Reliability, Durability, Quality

Potain India Pvt. Ltd. – Tower Cranes

Potain In Brief:
• Originated in La Clayette, France in 1928, producing tower cranes.
• Products produced:  (1) Top-slewing tower cranes  (2) Self-erecting cranes.
• Lifting capacity ranges from 1 t to 160 t
• Over 60 production models

1982 – Potain entered Indian market through Shirke and manufactured the first E2/18B-8t capacity.
1982 – 2007: Shirke Potain manufactured and supplied over 500 tower cranes of various capacities right from 1T max to 64T max. Models like 315D, E1/13B, E2/18B, G3/33B, H4/36B, MD1000, MC85, MC115, MC205, MC310, and MC475.
July 19, 2007 – Manitowoc acquired 100% shares of Shirke Potain and named the entity as Potain India Pvt Ltd.

• Potain The market leader with major share in the Indian market.
• The new facility is manufacturing Tower Cranes conforming to FEM, DIN and Potain global standards.

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Type of Tower Cranes Offered by Us :

Customization – Leader in Special Application Cranes