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About Sintex Industries Limited

Sintex Industries Limited (Earlier known as The Bharat Vijay Mills Ltd) has two divisions – Textiles and Plastics. In the area of textiles, company have been pioneers in high value fabrics.

The Plastics Division started in the year 1975 and today it has the most diversified manufacturing capabilities in plastic processing in the world with 10 plants spread across the country, more than twelve manufacturing processes under one roof, having more than 500,000 Sq. meter area and a more than 1000 strong work force. Company created extensive finishing, assembling, metal fabrication and concrete products facilities. Combination of such varied capabilities along with our state-of-the-art design and tool room facilities enables the company to give vast array of products and solutions.

Application for Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

Centralized Plant

♦ Management system of any city consists of collection, treatment and disposal.

♦ About 80% of the cost goes for collection & conveyance which is very high.

  • Depth of sewer increases with increase of length of sewer line.
  • Pumping of sewage at the intermediate and terminal points requires a lot of energy.

Decentralized Plant

♦ Applicable to small colony wise / sector-wise treatment system.
♦ Cost of conveyance of sewage  is minimal.
♦ Responsibility of construction as well as O & M may be taken up by the residential colonies, builders-developers.
♦ Compact Package plant is simple to operate.

Products Offered