Trident condensate sensing drain valves are suitable for all compressed air systems like :

♦ Sensitive and CNC m/c
♦ Painting systems
♦ Instruments
♦ Packaging

Clean Sweep Microfilters

Dirt, oil and vapour coming through Compressed Air without getting filtered could eventually have adverse effects on your end products. These contaminants have to be periodically filtered through effective means to increase the performance of pneumatic tools.

Oil and water is present both in liquid and vapor state. Complete liquid oil and water is removed by coalescing filters manufactured by trident, which has a filter media (boro silicate micro glass fibers). Oil vapor is removed by activated carbon filters.

♦  Automatic drain valve as standard fitment
♦  Particles upto 0.01 microns are also filtered at lower efficiency
♦  Very low pressure drop. 1 PSI for dry media and 2-3 PSI for wet media with 10-20 wt oil
♦  Status indicator
♦  Different coalescer grade for various applications
♦  Maximum oil carry over of 0.008 ppm w/w


Two types of filters are available in this series. They are the coalescers and interceptors. Coalescing filters are made from Borosilicate glass fibre. These fine strands of glass fibre can coalesce the finest of oil and water aerosils. The fine oil or water droplet coalesces to form a large droplet which falls below because of gravity. These are typically 0.01 micron filters.

The interceptors are used for particle removal. They are used for after filter in desiccant dryer or general use for fusal instrument protectors. These filters have a very low pressure drop.