Drain Valves

Product Range 
♦   Condensate Sensing Drain Valve – Series LDV
♦   Drain Valve-Timer Type – Series CTD
♦   Drain Valve-Timer Type – Series EDV

Condensate Sensing Drain Valve – Series LDV

Trident’s condensate sensing type automatic drain valves is the latest advancement in drain valve technology. Instead of operating through cycle timer, these valves sense the condensate level for activation, ensuring absolutely NO LOSS of compressed air and hence enormous ENERGY SAVING Trident condensate sensing type drain valves are highly efficient and reliable. These drain valves can be fitted directly on the equipment simply by replacing the manual drains.


♦ Latest in drain valve technology.
♦ Electronically senses condensate and activates valve.
♦ No air loss and is extremely economical to operate.
♦ Status indicator.
♦ IP 65 protection.
♦ Test button for quick check.
♦ No noise as air is not discharged.
♦ Capable of draining oily condensate.


Trident condensate sensing drain valves are suitable for all compressed air systems like :

♦ Air receivers
♦ Separators
♦ Air dryers
♦ Filters
♦ Inter and after coolers.

Drain Valve-Timer Type – Series CTD

CTD is the culmination of years of manufacturing drains. It takes care of all problems normally associated with drains. The controller is now built of ultra reliable micro controller and feature dual adjustment of both cycle and drain. The valve has a large orifice and special solenoid operator section to discharge dust.

Should the valve still get clogged you can service it without removing from the installation. Press the knob at the bottom of the valve to mechanically clear all the sludge. Electronically flush a few times and now it is fully serviced and ready for use.

Drain Valve-Timer Type – Series EDV